Sunday, March 8, 2009

today and tomorrow...

nothing make the different..

same ol' day...

everything seems to repeat again and again...

today our school had a school break....

I don't know what to do...

everything juz the same

nothing really happen....

only one tiny family chaos



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

nothing much

hai everyone....

yesterday my fwenz exchange school to tecnics..I've missed her terribly

I've just send a message to her..

school just don't feel the same anymore without her..

Also today..

my bm teacher make quit funny jokes and all our student class laugh out loud..


Also today..

I'm feeling a little dull

nothing really happen...

I am bored to death...

today...we just doing nothing in class because there is not much to learn anyway..

most of the time we have free period..

it's not that I don't like it but my fwenz also don't have anything to talk about..

most of it I just sleep in class and then my head hurts..arghh..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Again I did my blog..and for today I'm going to write my poem for you guys to see..!

But I don't think it is is about death..(woww..)


Never will you shed a tear when I died in presence,
But have a smile instead,
Because a cry will only make it worse,
Because I soon will be forgotten,
And you soon will go on with your life test from our beloved creator to us a very human,
Never surprised and have faith to our creator,
Forever He remains...

How about that...

I don't think it's good but I really hope you'll like it...


Monday, February 23, 2009


Also some thingz I do today is checking the youtube...

I check all about Tokio soo cute..!


I kown this Tokio Hotel from my friends...Qyena and Wani..

Wani is the one who really love them soo much and now she effecting me
(Qyena is not really into Tokio Hotel)

It is actually a german band

I like this Bill Kaulitz guy he is sooo 'lah' cuteee and of course Tom Kaulitz tooo

I really like their music such as schrei,durch den monsoon,rette mich and etc.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz is a twin and they are GUYS..!!

I show the picture of Bill and Tom to my friends and all of them said that Bill is a beutiful GIRL...and Tom is totally a CUTE GUY

Well Bill actually really look like a girl,a very beautiful one...but I don't see him that way though....I see him as a cute guy and Tom you can't denied that he is freaking 'hot'...but at any how I like Bill better...

Bill is like my 'my prince charming' (wahh..)

Ermm...I think thats all...I haven't clean my house yet...BUBYEEE....

See you next time..!


Hai......!today is the 1st day I am doing this blog.....

I don't have much things to do today....I've finished all my homework for today...

Oh...almost forgot!?

Today also I've do my own's a SECRET...~shhhhh~

Erm...oh yeah..!on 27 february,my older sister Feera celebrate her birthday....
(though I don't really sure it is...I am not good at numbers)

Ermmm.....for those whom seen my blog thank you!

I'll update this blog as frequent as I can to tell you guys what I've done for anydays..!

All that for now....THANK YOU..!!